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What is a rel=canonical?

Also called “canonical links,” a “rel=canonical” is a really useful line of code that can help solve issues with duplicate pages. Canonical links point search engines toward “canonical pages,” so…

How to Use Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics

One of the most frustrating experiences early in my SEO career was setting up Google Tag Manager for a client’s website. Google designed their Tag Management System (TMS) with ease-of-use…

Measuring SEO Success

Table of Contents Why is it necessary to track website traffic data and results? How often should you track and create reports for these data results? What are the 3…
yoast focus keyword wordpress

Yoast Focus Keyword: WordPress Blog Post SEO

Welcome to the ClearBox Yoast WordPress SEO Manual. You will learn how to optimize your blog posts and articles with the Yoast plugin using a focus keyword for the purpose…
ClearBox SEO ROI Return On Investment

The Value of SEO: Proof of Benefits

How Does SEO Benefit Your Website? SEO can often be a mystery for website owners, even for those who consider themselves technically savvy people. So it’s really no surprise that the value…