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ClearBoxSEO is dedicated in providing world-class custom digital marketing & the best customer service to our exclusive clients. As such, we have limited our client base. If you are interested in becoming a client, please apply for an invite below.

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Reach The Right Clients

Through targeted SEO campaigns, SEO best practices and our own secret SEO technology stack, your law firm website can experience month-after-month traffic growth.

But growth in traffic doesn’t really matter if it’s not relevant. You don’t want to waste your limited time answering calls, emails and vetting people who you can’t help.

With SEO properly implemented on your law firm website, only highly qualified potential legal clients will find you through Google search and reach out for your law services.

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An award winning WordPress SEO shop, ClearBox|SEO is focused on high value Search Engine Optimization objectives for our clients, helping them make more money from online traffic.

We do this by either building beautiful WordPress websites that are comprehensively optimized for user experience and search visibility or by increasing organic traffic to an already existing WordPress website through our proprietary SEO process.

We’re doing great SEO & digital marketing work for some of the world’s biggest and best companies, partnering with them on large enterprise SEO, web development & SEM projects aimed at achieving more traffic and converting that traffic into customers.

ClearBox now offers the same powerful Digital Marketing services to you.

What To Expect

The ClearBox process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your business and your business goals.

Step 1

Get To Know Each Other

We start with a phone conversation and a face-to-face meeting to learn about your specific digital marketing business objectives and understand your goals.

Step 2

Analysis & Strategy

We conduct a comprehensive SEO audit and analysis of your business website along with a review of your online presence as it pertains to your brand as well as how you compare to your competitors.

Step 3

Launch & Growth

Gather logins, set milestones and reporting scheduling for the client. Business growth, ongoing performance monitoring, optimizations, SEO and traffic reporting.

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