Preet Mroke

Harpreet (Preet) Mroke founder ClearBox law firm digital marketing SEO PPC AI content

Forged on Madison Avenue where Men in their Madness have influenced generations; thrown into the cast iron kettle melting pot over the sooty, grit filled fires of New York City’s marketing industry; having learned from and worked with some of the sharpest and brightest marketers the world has to offer; Preet took all that he learned and created a dynamic and powerful team of digital marketers who are laser focused on the online success of their law clients across the United States & Canada.

Soon this entrepreneur-at-heart staked his rightful claim of creative and financial freedom by founding ClearBox, a Law Firm Digital Marketing firm focused on elevating the digital marketing experience for Lawyers and Law Firms.

Successfully experienced with marketing leads for Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law such as catastrophic Medical Malpractice and so much more; Preet has shown time and again an unmatched depth of understanding who the audience is and what attention is needed to drive qualified leads to his law clients.

Some of the most notable marketing campaigns Preet has built and executed include reaching hard-to-find victims of the Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal, Boy Scouts of America Sex abuse claims, Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse claims, Bill Cosby’s sex assault victims, Harvey Weinstein’s sex abuse victims, as well as Larry Nassar and Michigan State University sex abuse victims.