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When ClearBox builds you a client leads engine through smart digital marketing, you’ll never have to waste time hunting for clients ever again. Every day, you’ll get an opportunity for targeted and unique law clients leads sent directly to you.

Great ROI

The money you invest into a custom built targeted leads engine is minimal compared to the return on investment you will make every month. Consistent, scalable potential client leads every month for your law business.

A Proven Success

We don’t just talk a big game. We have the data to back it up. The first ClearBox law client is still with ClearBox. But don’t take our word for it, check out the independent case studies conducted of our law clients.

You Should Have More To Show For Your Professional Law Experience

It takes more than a sharp legal mind to run a successful law business or law firm. It takes an entrepreneurial mind set. Not everyone has it. But if you’ve proven to have the drive, the ambition and the intelligence to succeed every day of your law career then you owe it to yourself to reach for the next level in your advancement; your own Law Firm business.

Business statistics reveal that the #1 obstacle to your law firm’s success is the ability to consistently get client leads. Client leads are the lifeblood of any law firm. Referrals aren’t enough. That’s why you need a sustainable, consistent client leads engine built by ClearBox working for you, day and night.

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Here's How It Works

Step 1

You are in control. Turn on the power of your client leads engine when you need it. To get started, fill out the form and tell us about yourself and your law business goals.

Step 2

Let’s talk about your goals and how you can achieve them with ClearBox. To set you up for early success, we offer you a free 30 minutes strategy conversation with one of our experienced and successful law firm digital marketing professionals.

Step 3

Once ClearBox builds your client leads engine and fires it up, you can expect to get client leads directly to your inbox as soon as the following week. All you have to do is decide if you will take them on as a client or not.

ClearBox Law Firm Digital Marketing Case Studies

The reason we’re able to accomplish all of this for our clients is simple: we don’t bite off more than we can chew. Our strategy from day one has been to provide highly tailored, personal service to only a handful of clients. We don’t take on more than one firm in a city, and we don’t use a one size fits all approach.

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