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WordPress SEO Services

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Search Engine Optimization makes your website discoverable and found easily on Search Engines.

When people search for services, products or businesses online, a search engine optimized website or app will help them discover it quicker, all without you paying for advertising.

When somebody Googles on their mobile phone for what they are looking to buy, you want to be first on that list of choices to buy from!

SEO is also the only way to help your WordPress website get found on the first page of search engines like Google.

ClearBox SEO is highly specialized in WordPress SEO. It’s in our name.

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What To Expect

ClearBox|SEO WordPress Search Engine Optimization Life Cycle

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Keyword Research

It all begins with words typed into a search box. Keyword research at it’s very core is very specific market research. It’s purpose is to identify words people use when searching for specific services, products or information.

Knowing the right keywords to target is at the heart of SEO  effectiveness. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field.

After and in-depth conversation with you about your business and its goals, we will present you with a Keyword Research report, identifying the best keywords to use when building out your business content strategy.

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wordpress website seo ClearBox SEO service

Audit, Measurement & Competition Analysis

You can’t fix what you don’t know. And you can’t fix (or optimize) what you can’t measure.

An SEO audit is standard, and necessary procedure for any website. In fact, if you are serious about your internet business, you will make sure you do it regularly.

Unlike a traditional audit, a ClearBox|SEO audit is performed solely for marketing purposes. We will measure your website performance along with how it ranks on Google for keywords identified through the keyword research phase.

A ClearBox audit of your WordPress website will give you better insight into your website, individual pages and overall traffic.

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Copywriting & Content Creation

After analyzing the audit data, we identify where the problem areas are and perhaps even identify opportunities that were not taken advantage of before.

Combining the keyword research conducted in Phase 1 with the audit data of problem areas and opportunities, we create a custom strategy to implement to the website and the surrounding online marketing ecosystem.

This custom strategy is then presented to you, showing you where your online marketing is now and how it can improve and make more money if you approve ClearBox|SEO to implement it.

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SEO Strategy Implementation

This is where the custom SEO strategy built for your WordPress website turns into reality.

We implement all aspects of the custom SEO strategy built for you, from on-page elements such as optimized mark-up, site-wide meta data, off-page elements, concise and direct copywriting of static html pages as well as multiple call to actions.

This phase also consists of content creation, publishing articles that position your business as the expert and go to for the search term they used to find information.

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Testing & Benchmark Audit

After all of the task items from the custom SEO strategy that was built for your WordPress website has been checked off, we conduct another audit.

The purpose of the audit is to benchmark data pertaining to your WordPress website right after the SEO changes have been implemented. It is also to check if there was anything that was overlooked or missed.

We then test the functionality of all SEO items and the website itself to make sure all is working as it should.

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Monitoring & Maintenance

In order to make sure the custom SEO strategy is implemented properly and is yielding positive results, it is extremely important to monitor traffic results.

Top ranking results on search engines is an extremely competitive endeavor and if you become lazy with your SEO, you will lose all that you’ve gained.

So in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is also extremely important to maintain your SEO efforts on a monthly basis. That is why we offer monthly maintenance packages that take care of your SEO worries.


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