Build a Social Media Presence for Your Law Firm

The problem of maintaining a solid social media presence that consistently distributes your firm's voice & content

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At this point, it’s trite to say that social media is an important tool for your business. 

It’s especially so after this 2019 American Bar Association study, which saw 80% of respondents reporting that they maintain a presence on social media for business purposes.

It’s a safe bet that most lawyers, including you, understand that social media is a powerful marketing tool. 

But time and time again, we see law firms with Facebook pages that have been inactive for months, or Instagram accounts with 80 followers and no engagement, or LinkedIn profiles that add little value to their firm.

Quite frankly, I don’t blame you if you are guilty of owning a neglected social media account. Running and maintaining social media marketing  for your law practice can quickly and easily become a full-time gig on its own. 

It’s a problem that many business owners run into. As a law practice who is engaged in public reach out to increase brand awareness, your law business will come across the problem of juggling social media marketing with the actual work of running a law practice.  How can anyone balance marketing themselves on social media with actually fulfilling the work entailed in their services? 

And when these services are as complex and time-consuming as the law, well, all I can say is, “good luck.”

The Importance of Maintaining a Social Media Presence for Law Firms

The Importance of Maintaining a Social Media Presence

Publishing online content and establishing a social media presence serves as a way to communicate, meet consumer needs, and build trust before you establish a direct relationship with a client.

It also can serve as a primary or supplemental means of generating a client base and earning revenue. 

So letting your social media accounts wither away really shouldn’t be an option in this day and age. 

Building this online rapport with potential clients takes time, effort, and skills, all of which many small firms have little to spare. 

That’s not a slight – really, why should you waste those precious billable hours on social media?

How to build a social media presence for your firm

How to Build a Social Media Presence for Your Firm

If you’re still trying to find a balance between marketing yourself and working on your services, then outsourcing to an experienced social media marketing and digital marketing agency that is specialized in law firms, is your best bet at increasing your ability to acquire clients.

ClearBox Law Firm Digital Marketing can help you maintain a social media presence as a part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 

We work directly with our clients in a hands-on way to ensure that we’re not only achieving the goals we set together, but to ensure that we’re helping you promote your authentic voice online.

Check out our service packages to see what marketing strategy is right for you.

Nevertheless, we want to help law firms grow their business in any way we can. If you’re looking to build a social media presence on your own, we’ll leave you with our Five Tips for Lawyers Running their Own Social Media Accounts.

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