Rant: No Customer Service At The Google Monopoly

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Lately, it seems like things are getting shittier day by day in regards to technology and the supposed conveniences it affords our lives.

It just feels like customer service that helps you use a product or service that you paid for is no longer a given and should not be expected any longer from any corporation or company. It’s as if they all collectively decided that help with their service or product is no longer needed by their customers and it didn’t justify a lower profit margin for their crappy internet service.

Google is a fucking monopoly. No if, and’s, or but’s about it. They make a shit ton of money in advertising across the globe as the dominant search engine of the world. Billions upon billions upon billions of ad spend dollars into the gaping maw of Google Ads platform.

So you would think that since advertising is the main source of revenue for Google, they would have a very user friendly, robust and responsive advertising platform for advertisers to use. And you would be dead wrong.

Google Ads is the dominant advertising platform of the world (we are not including China here, obviously, because it not relevant to my topic here). It’s where I spend close to several million in ads for my law clients. And I am just one small user of the Google Ads platform.

The ad platform itself has come a long way in regards to usability. Let’s just say it’s more useable now than it has been in the past. It has also gotten much more complicated in its functionality and usage. With that complexity comes new learnings that must be taken on by anybody using this ad platform. That’s totally fine and acceptable; new ways of doing things to get at a better solution is not something i’m ranting against.

What I am ranting against is the complete lack of any efficient human-to-human help for the Google Ads platform.

Before the Covid Pandemic, Google had human’s available to help other humans with their products and services, especially when it came to their advertising platform. This makes sense as this is a paid service and human help should be available to help another human spend money on the platform, right?? It just makes business sense!

However, since the Pandemic began, Google’s available help has declined to the point of massive frustration. There is literally nobody you can talk to now if you have any problems with Google Ads. Nobody.

The only help available is found through searching other people’s blogs who have the same problem as you do. This is incredibly frustrating and a massive waste of time. Instead of direct help that quickly solves the problem, one has to do an exhaustive search online to find the answer or solution they are looking for. And often times the solution is a workaround or a temporary fix because Google engineers didn’t account for ALL SITUATIONS. No human can account for all situations!! That’s why it can’t be all written down! New products or services equals new problems needing new solutions!

Anyways, this is turning into a rant (or maybe it was a rant to begin with, ha) and I need to make myself useful to my law clients that depend on me to handle Google’s various bullshit platforms so that they can do their business and make money.

So off I go to bang my head against my desk while I wait for fucking Google Ads to finish loading.

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