Bud Light, Game of Thrones & Super Bowl Advertising

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I love commercials that are funny and informative. And when marketing and advertising is done right, it can seem effortless and will elicit strong emotions from the audience.

When skillfully used, this emotion can and will drive consumer behavior.

Without getting too technical about all this, my favorite 2019 Super Bowl commercial was for Game of Thrones and Bud Light. What was great about it was it took an existing trope and blended it right back into its source material.

Specifically, the “dilly dilly” trope from Bud Light was borne out of parody for medieval themed Game of Thrones. The audience was already clued in on this and was expecting more of the same funny, but reliable beer related comedic theme.

However, when the music turns and the scene swings and shows a very familiar dragon sweeping in from the dark sky, the viewing audience quickly realizes in delight that this commercial was not for Bud Light, rather the much anticipated return of Game of Thrones!

It’s been about a month now and I still remember that commercial! THAT is the power of good advertising and cross marketing!

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