The Value of SEO: Proof of Benefits

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How Does SEO Benefit Your Website?

SEO can often be a mystery for website owners, even for those who consider themselves technically savvy people.

So it’s really no surprise that the value of SEO is often lost on people who haven’t been shown the direct relationship between SEO, their website and their bottom line.

If you run an e-commerce site (or, really, any site), the benefits of SEO and the value of SEO can’t be stressed enough.

More traffic to your website that you don’t have to pay for like you do when you use PPC (pay per click) is a no brainer.

The bottom line is if your website SEO has been implemented properly, your business website will make more money.

The Proof of SEO Value & Benefits

Here’s a real life example of organic search data for an e-commerce client that came to my company for SEO help.

This data is a comparison of SEO implementation before and after. Mind you, the client website and business was already doing well and making money.

But, just like any healthy business, they wanted more!

The client approached my company in August of 2016 and my team began work one month later in September of 2017.

After completing a comprehensive SEO audit, my team went forth with executing the implementation of some well vetted SEO best practices, but more importantly testing those “best practices” to make sure they actually had a benefit.

Here are the results, one year later:

As you can see from the Google Analytics organic traffic data i’ve shared with you here, the result was the client website recieving an increase of Organic Search engine traffic volume in the following months, a decrease in Bounce Rate as well as an increase in overall ecommerce conversions.


The best thing about SEO is that if you do it and maintain good SEO practices on your website, you reap the benefits for years to come. You also increase your business profits without spending any money on paying for advertising! That’s the value of SEO.

Ready to start optimizing your website with good SEO practices? Start by optimizing your blog posts and researching a good focus keyword with the help of the Yoast WordPress Plugin!

Looking for more SEO help? Go to ClearBox SEO and request a website SEO audit and consultation. It’s free and the value of finding out how to optimize your website from a professional and receive more traffic that is relevant to your offering is priceless.

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