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SEO Focused WordPress Web Design

SEO Powered: Your WordPress Website Built for Search Performance

WordPress Web Design: For web designers and developers, SEO is often an afterthought to the work process.


SEO requires different tools, skills and expertise and if you don’t do it right, you will fail online and lose money. But don’t take our word for it, even Forbes thinks so.

Researching and keeping up with the latest website design and website development technology as well as security trends is a full time job.

When you choose ClearBox|SEO to build your SEO focused business website, you are setting up your website to win business for the long term.

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What To Expect

ClearBox|SEO WordPress Web Design Done Right

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Gather Information: Purpose, Main Goals, and Target Audience

Estimated time: 1 – 2 weeks

It all begins with a solid understanding of your online business goals. We begin by asking the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your WordPress business website?
  • Who is the target audience of this website, who are the people you want this website to attract?
  • What action or actions are you trying to elicit from your target audience? In other words, what are you wanting them to do once they are on your website?

The most important task at this point is to get a clear understanding of the purpose of your WordPress business website, effective wordpress web design requires that we clearly define the main goals you wish to achieve, and the target audience you want to attract to your site.

After we’ve asked the right questions and have a mutual understanding of what your online goals are, we begin the keyword research process to find out what words people are using to find the type of product or service your business offers.

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Planning: Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

Estimated time: 1 – 2 weeks

Based on the information gathered together in the previous phase, a sitemap will be created for the wordpress web design. The main reason behind the sitemap creation is to build a user-friendly and easy to navigate website.

The sitemap will map out and describe the links and relations between the main areas of your website. It can show you the “relationship” between the different pages of a website, so you can judge how easy it will be for the end-user to find the required information or service.

The sitemap allows you to understand how the inner structure of a website looks like, but doesn’t describe the user interface.

wireframe or mock-up will then be created. A wireframe is a visual representation of user interface, a rough first draft of what the end-user will see on the website. But it doesn’t contain any design elements such as colors, logos, etc. It only describes the elements that will be added to the page and their location.

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Design: Page Layouts, Review, and Approval Cycle

Estimated time: from 4 – 12 weeks

During the design phase, your website will take shape. All the visual content, such as images, photos, and videos is created at this step.

WordPress Web Design Layout is the result of a designer’s work. The primary function of the layout is to represent the information structure, visualize the content, and demonstrate the basic functionality. Layouts contain colors, logos, images and can give a general understanding of the future product.

After that, you will review the layout of the website and send us your feedback. If the you are not sure about some aspects of the design, you will be able to change the layout. This cycle will be repeated until you are satisfied.

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Content Writing and Assembly

Estimated time from strategy to assembly: 5 – 13 weeks

Phase 4 starts as soon as we have a solid understanding of your goals. If all goes according to our mutually agreed upon plan during the first week, we start the content phase!

Content writing and compiling usually overlaps with other stages of wordpress web design creation, and its role can’t be underestimated. Content is KING.

In this phase, it’s necessary to put in writing the very essence you’d like to communicate to the audience of your website, and add calls-to-action.

Content writing involves in-depth keyword research, a data heavy process that gives us actionable insight into creating content that would have the highest impact against your goals. It involves the creation of headlines, text editing, writing new text, compiling existing text, etc., all of which takes considerable time and effort.

As a rule, the client usually undertakes the responsibility to provide website content that is ready to be inputted or migrated to the site.

However, the creation of content is not an easy task for clients to take on.

Don’t worry, ClearBox|SEO has you covered with great content package options.

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Estimated time: from 6 – 15 weeks

At this step graphic elements that have been designed during the previous stages will be used to create the actual website. Usually, the home page is created first, and then all sub-pages are added, according to the website hierarchy that was previously created in the form of a sitemap.

All static web page elements that were designed during the mock-up and layout creation will now be created and tested. Then, special features and interactivity will be added. A deep understanding of every website development technology that we’ll be using is crucial at this phase.

The other important step is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the optimization of website elements ( e.g., title, description, keyword) that will help your site achieve higher rankings in the search engines. And, once again, valid code is pretty important for SEO.

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Testing, Review and Launch

Estimated time: from 2 – 4 weeks

It’s time to test and launch! Testing is probably the most routine part of a process. Every single link will be tested to make sure that there are no broken ones among them.

We check every form, every script, run a spell-checking software to find possible typos and use code validators to check if the code follows the current web standards. Valid code is necessary, for example, if cross-browser compatibility is important for you.

After a successful rigorous testing process, the site is ready for launch! We point the domain, submit the site for indexing to search engines and remain vigilant and watchful for the next few days, making sure everything on the site is functioning as it should be.

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Maintenance: Monitoring and Regular Updating

Estimated time: ongoing

What’s important to remember is that a website is more a service than a product. It requires regular maintenance to face the constant threats of hacking and privacy concerns endangering users on the internet.

It’s not enough to “deliver” a website to you as our client, we must also make sure that everything continues to work fine for you in the future. That’s why we offer maintenance options to our clients.

The important thing is keeping your website up to date. Using a CMS as powerful as WordPress, you will need regular updates that will prevent you from bugs and decrease security risks.


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